Too busy for what’s important to me, so what can I do about it?

Sometimes it’s better to take a break, and rest.  Easy advice, but quite difficult to put into practice.  Believe me, I know.  I am a work-until-it-all-gets-done type of guy–that is even if your body is telling you to stop, go on.  But sometimes your body decides to shut down and it is almost impossible to go on.  Attempt to do so, and you may sign yourself up as an unwilling candidate for some type of emotional break down.

Today, while attempting to finish a four-paged paper on the crusades two days before it is due, my body began to tell me, enough…I don’t want you to work anymore.  Stop.  You have free time.  It wont kill you to take a break.

As a college student, I suffer from chronic fatigue.  But feeling such tiredness has become so common that my body is almost immune to it.  When I was a freshman, I had what to me now seems to be unlimited energy.  I could stay up until 3:00 AM crafting a paper for my writing class one night, and the next night I could stay up until 2:00 AM working on a problem for calculus.  One night I stayed up until 7:00 in the morning cramming for a chemistry exam.  My class began at 8:00 AM.  I decided to go to sleep for 30 minutes and I ended up sleeping through the exam.  But I survived freshman year of college alright.  However it feels like I am still paying for all the sleep that I missed and all the energy that I once had seemed to have been sucked out of me.

But sometimes I begin to think how much of my tiredness is caused by my urge to keep on going.  When was the last time I took thirty minutes out of my busy schedule to just relax?

My daily routine: Wake up, go to classes, go to work, grab something to eat sometime in between, go do school work, go to sleep.  Wake up and continue the cycle.  It’s tiring.

Recently, I have added something new to my daily routine.  Excercise.  I take about 20 minutes each weekday (sometimes, like today when I have too much work, I skip a day) to go to the track, stretch, run, jog, and walk.  Even this is done in a hurry, and I’m usually thinking about things that I have to get done.  Sometimes, I’ll admit, I would not even run for a good 10 minutes before I start walking.

Excercise is a good start, however something else is missing.  Time for reflection.  Time to just stop whatever I’m doing and just listen.  During times, like these, I like to read the Bible and think over things.  But I have not done that recently because I have become too busy, even for God.  What a frightening admission.

I told my friend that before I do homework, I would try to reserve some time to read my Bible, to just be quiet with the Maker of the Universe.

I’m not one to give advice because I am still trying to practice what I preach.  But if you feel too tired to do your work, whether it is school work or work related to your career, consider taking a thirty-minute break.  Take a walk, grab an apple, stretch.  And remember to include things that are important to you in your daily schedule.  Don’t just allow your daily routine be dominated by work and business.

Have you allowed yourself to become too busy to take time for the things that are important to you?  How do you plan to take some time for quiet, rest, and reflection?


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