Solo Student


It’s how I have lived most of my life in the recent months of my college experience.  Solo.

I walk from and to classes alone.  I eat  alone.  I sing to myself. 

I have no roommate so that makes living a solo life even easier.  I have not gotten to the stage yet where I am having conversations with myself, but it has come pretty close.

I’s not so much that I like being alone more than I like being with people (although I don’t mind it every once in a while).  It is more so that I have no choice.  It’s what happens when you transfer to a new school.  You have to form relationships all over again, and if you are like me, two semesters in a place where you can’t relate to much of the student body are not enough to do so;  you have decided to give residence life the cold shoulder.

I do not live life in complete isolation.  I visit my family often, call and message close friends from high school and the “ex-college” I attended, and strike up a few hi-bye-how are you? conversations with folks I have developed only superficial relationships with around campus.  When I talk to my friends, I tell them that I am starved of conversation and they usually get that from hearing how eager I am to talk about both the mundane and not-so-mundane.

Earlier, I wrote a post titled “Atmosphere of a College Library.”  I talked about the feeling of mutual trust that I have developed with other students in the library.  It is no surprise that the library is the place where I have developed a friendship with someone who although much older, is kind of like me in many ways and share the same love of conversation.  She has even invited me to her graduation party two semesters in advanced, and she’s definitely invited to mine.  But after we pass each other by and have finished our conversations, it’s back to being Solo Student for me.



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3 responses to “Solo Student

  1. Yeah. Sometimes I think my isolation is a habit. I have to remind myself, oh, right now might be a good time to be social. Or just get out of my room… But for the most part I think it’s silly to beat myself up over something I enjoy. I think being alone is unnerving for a lot of people. Same with being introspective. Maybe that’s where the stigma comes that spending too much time alone is a black and white negative thing.

  2. I can relate to so many of your posts. I lead a pretty solo existence, too. I took a trip to my hometown a few weeks back, pretty much solely because I wanted to connect with high schools friends and have some much needed conversations.

    There was a recent This American Life in which they talked about this sole survivor of a Brazilian tribe who’d been living in isolation for more than a decade. The question was posed, is there any way this guy is sane, content, etc? And they basically said, yeah. It’s just all in how a person perceives their isolation.

    Most of the time I enjoy being solo. But like you alluded–balance is important.

    Love your posts! So glad I found your blog.

    • I agree that the perception of one’s isolation adds a verry interesting spin on the discussion. I guess it depends on whether the isolation is deliberate, otherwise–or a combination of various factors. Thanks for adding to this discussion. I am really glad that I discovered your blog too! 🙂

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