Actors on Grey’s Anatomy: Be as You are on the Show, Please?

I have no excuse for why I haven’t written lately.  This is my first full week off from school, and I have spent the few days not doing much of anything besides watching back episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, which I very much enjoy.

It has consumed my life for the past couple of days.  There are 126 episodes of it on Netflix and I have until the 21st to watch it, unless my cousin decides to renew the subscription.  I have so far gotten up to episode 42.

Until yesterday, my room was a scattered mess and I didn’t want to live in it, sit in it, write in it.  But this still is no reason to not be writing.  It was, however, a reason to clean it up–which I did.  Then why am I not writing?

Maybe it is because instead of talking about all the new things that have happened in my life–my college life (which is what this blog is supposed to be about), I have just spent about an hour and 30 minutes on Wikipedia reading bios on the cast of Grey’s Anatomy.  And I have to say, I’m disappointed.  I don’t mean I’m disappointed in the sense that the actors’ lives are not interesting or that their credentials are not impressive, but disappointed because the chemistry that I once thought the characters had on stage does not translate to their real lives.

For example, I have watched seasons one, two, and three; and I really like how the creator of the show was able to acquire a diverse cast.  I especially liked the friendship between George and Preston, until I discovered that while these two characters were friends on the show, in reality a series of controversies emerged in which the real-life Preston made insulting references to the fact that the real-life George is gay; that the real-life Derek and Preston had a scuffel; and that the real-life George left the show on unhappy terms.

This is disappointing.  This has me really sad.  I have other things to write.  But this is sad.  A very, very sad note to end up on.

Sleep is comming.  More to come soon.



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3 responses to “Actors on Grey’s Anatomy: Be as You are on the Show, Please?

  1. I’m sorry about that. I’ve experienced that disappointment, too. Do you wish that you hadn’t researched the cast members at all?

    I hope that you can still lose yourself in all of the episodes you still have to watch. There’s something so great about neglecting everything and just losing yourself in the world of a show for days, weeks, however long you can.

    • Thanks. You offer comfort and advice that are very helpful. I wish that the characters got along and were able to stay on the show more so than I wish that I hadn’t researched them at all (although this would have spared me from the disappointment). I love this show too much, that’s the problem. I tried watching an episode of it a day after I found out that all was not well on the set, but it was too difficult to watch; it seemed different in the sense that I thougt that the two actors were simply acting instead of being immersed in their roles so much that they wouldn’t help but get along in real life. I do hope to lose myself in the episodes as you advise as soon as I find time from this internship I’m doing. I hope Kevin Bacon gets your letter. Any word from Ellen Degeneres?

      • No word from Ellen! I hope Kevin gets my letter, too. I sent it to his representation in LA, but I might be able to get his NY address. Then there’d be a better chance he’d get it.

        I like the idea of actors getting so immersed in their roles that they can’t help but get along in real life. I really like that idea 🙂 Hope your internship is going well!

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