Week Six: Last Week

The internship is over.  I felt relieved, very relieved on the last day.  My last week consisted of me working on the mascot story and transcribing the interview I had with “The Editor.”  I also did a few fact-checking assignments.

Intern # 2 came back.  After asking me how things were since she was gone, she suggested that we invite the other two interns with us for lunch.  She is the more sociable one.  We invited them.  The first time they could not have lunch with us because they had to do other things.  But on the last day I worked, we all gathered in the kitchen to talk and eat.

It turned out that I was not the only one who felt tired, bored at times, and slightly frustrated that I was not given enough stories.  We all pretty much felt the same way.  It also turned out that the two new interns are cool people.  One of the interns ix a sophomore in college, and she’s hilarious.  The other intern is a college graduate trying to enter the work force.

We introduced ourselves, talked about our backgrounds–our goals and dreams–compared stories about our experiences interning, and laughed about how very different the experiences of the first group of interns were from the new group of interns.  Intern #2 and I talked about the quizzes, the embarrassment, and what we learned.  We laughed and talked for about an hour.  Then it was time for me to leave.  Say good-bye.  Be entirely grateful–no matter what–that someone gave me an opportunity to make productive use of my summer.

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